Roma Tomato

Plant Image
When to Plant
Mother's Day
Best Consumed
Our Favorite Recipe
Pasta Sauce
Soil pH Level
Amount Of Sun Required
Full Sun
Time Until Harvest
75 Days

We've tried this for sauce, which was fun! Like many other tomato varieties, they need full sun and moist soil to grow best. Note on a blossom rot issue: Through the middle of the Summer '23, I had a lot of blossom rot issues. I think it was due to watering from the top of the plants, and also an inconsistent amount of watering. Some days the plants got dried to the bone, and other days I watered them very well. So I got a bag of pelleted lawn lime and added it to the soil. Also, I cut or pulled off many of the dead or dying leaves and branches from the plant, and started watering from the base of the plants. This worked :) Check out Elizabeth's great blog about them