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We are an Amazon Associates Member, which means we earn money if you buy from any of the Amazon links provided below. Other links, we do not earn money. For example, the link does not earn us money but we love them and always get our poodle food there :)

Royal Canin Poodle Dog Food

Our dogs love this food. Don't stick your fingers in there when they are devouring their lunches. . . .

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Hill's Science Diet Dry Puppy Food

Our cute doggies love this stuff. We mix it in with their normal dog food sometimes to promote weight gain. They play so hard, they need a little extra snack sometimes! . . .

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Fluff and Tuff Tank The Shark - Toy For Dogs

Let's face it. Our dogs ruin toys and we have to buy new ones. Our dogs cannot ruin this one! It really holds up! And the squeaker does not puncture. . . .

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CobraHead Garden Weeder and Hand Tool

This tool is great for digging up weeds and tilling a small garden. It will break apart the toughest and driest dirt. . . .

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Ecolution Popcorn Popper

This glass popcorn popper is great and makes it easy to measure popcorn kernels and butter. Two lids of kernels makes a full batch. Microwave for about 3 minutes. . . .

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Perfect for anything from smoothies to milkshakes to french toast base to tomato sauce. . . .

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