Sourdough's A Lot Like Life

By Elizabeth Mielke | Last Updated on February 03, 2024 at 8:45PM ET

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Today was beautiful, it feels like it's been forever since the sun shined (even though it did yesterday). Today like many days for different people did not start out as planned. I had been wanting to try a sourdough biscuit recipe I found on pinterest and knew we had sausage in our freezer I could use for sausage gravy and we were going to have that for brunch. Seth went to our deep freezer and found that everything was room temperature. He ran up and got me and told me what happened and I was shocked we just bought that freezer at the end of winter last year. So, then he ran to the store for buttermilk and sausage so we could still eat brunch before embarking on the freezer cleanup. While he was at the store I called and talked to my parents and they were sweet enough to come over with their extra trashcan so we could put all the bad products in it until trash day because the dump was closing early since it's Saturday. Papa also showed up right before my parents came over so together my parents and Papa helped Seth clean out the freezer after we enjoyed a quick meal together. In the parents department Seth and I are both very fortunate we have the parents we have. Both our Moms help with Savannah and our Dads and Papa are always quick to offer advice when something is amiss in the mechanical side of things. Now in the last blog I mentioned I would be starting the sourdough starter, which I did. The second night I was measuring the flour and water out and deep sighed and Seth asked if it was stressing me out, and. I said yeah I didn't want to get it wrong. However, you know isn't that one of the things about life, to make mistakes and learn from them? I think so, I love learning from a mistake it makes the mistake feel like the best kind of learning opportunity. See with the sourdough you have to feed it everyday to keep it alive, it is kind of like our relationships with our family, friends and co-workers. You need to feed those relationships when you have the opportunity for them to continue to thrive and grow. Now, the sourdough is still scary and I haven't quite mastered it or gotten the nerve to make bread with it yet, but I have tried sourdough chocolate chip cookies, biscuits and flatbread. The flatbread has been my favorite because it's been the easiest to make and shortest fermenting time at 2 hours. If you're starting your flatbread journey I would recommend starting with that recipe we had found it and adapted it to our taste. Have you tried sourdough? Let us know what your favorite recipes have been in the comments!


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