How To: Replace Passenger Side Blend Door Actuator in Chevy Impala 2012

By Seth Mielke | Last Updated on August 28, 2023 at 9:15AM ET

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If you hear a loud knocking noise behind the dash when you get into your Impala and turn on the accessories, it might be that the HVAC Blend Door Actuator has gone bad. Note: This article covers the passenger side temperature control knob actuator, but the same concept applies to any one of them that you might need to replace in a Chevy 2006-2012 Impala. What you will need: 1. HVAC Blend Door Actuator [you can get it at your local auto parts shop for about 40 bucks, or a little bit cheaper online] 2. Small Allen Wrench 3. Socket 7/32 inch 4. Flashlight is nice to have Time: About an hour.

Remove Glove Box

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With the small Allen wrench, you can pop out the two small pins that hold the glove box door to the dash. They popped from the outside -> inward. It is easiest if you clean out the glove box first, so you're not dumping its contents everywhere.

Replacing the Actuator

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Unplug the actuator. It is a simple plastic clip that holds it. Then you can unscrew the 2 screws that hold it in place with the 7/32 inch socket. They should come out easily enough. Be careful not to let them fall behind the dash. Grab the new actuator, and you can plug it in first to test it. Turn the key to accessories, and the knob will start rotating. This is good. I also found that this was helpful in getting it to line up properly for mounting and screwing in the new part. Once aligned, fasten the new actuator with the two screws. Test it by changing the passenger side temperature slider. No more knocking noise! Replace the glove box, with the pins from the inside outward. You can do this by hand. And you're all set.


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